Brooklyn-based mer bags was launched in 2001 by Rob Nelson, an art school graduate who studied film, photography, music and skateboarding.

All mer products are designed, cut, and hand-built out of our shop in bushwick brooklyn, ny, usa. Mer goods are waterproof, weatherproof and built to last. They are engineered with industrial materials to withstand everyday use and the most heavy abuse. Our bags are made to order and often with custom elements which allows us to keep quality and detail at its best. Mer goods are built with all usa sourced materials. Our mission is to make products that are simply designed but highly functional. We’re a company inspired by the city that we’re born from. We’re inspired by skateboarding, urban cycling, surfing, bmx, music and art.

Consider the impact of who you support with your purchases. Support mer bags, a local made in USA manufacturer.

Mer goods are animal product free.